The Travel Zone is a full service travel agency offering a wide range of options to suit all of your specific needs.  Through my travels and doing continuing education I am always working on furthering my knowledge of topics within the travel world to best serve you, my clients. I look forward to doing business with you! 
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Romance Travel

Romance and travel seem to go hand in hand, whether it be a destination wedding, a vow renewal or a honeymoon. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a romantic getaway depending on your interests. You could have a wedding on the beaches of Jamaica, or be on an adventurous honeymoon in Costa Rica. Whatever your interests and dreams might entail I will cater the perfect trip exactly to your wants and specifications. 

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel appeals to those who are curious, thrill-seekers, and live on the edge.  There is such a wide variety of adventure out there that attracts the calm explorers, all the way to the more extreme thrill seekers. You could hike the Incan trail in Peru, go bungee jumping in New Zealand, or maybe eat your way through the Mexico City food markets. 

Group Travel

Traveling with multiple people can be an awesome experience but also can be an overwhelming task to plan if you are the one having to make all of the arrangements. That is where The Travel Zone is here to be of full assistance. Let me take the stress out of planning your group trip, whether you are a solo traveler looking for a group to join, or a group of family and friends looking for adventure.

Leisure Travel

For those times you just want to get away from it all and relax. Let someone else do all of the planning to ensure a stress free vacation, whether that be a short domestic get away or a longer international stay. There are many kid-friendly vacation options with plenty of experiences and leisure activities for the whole family to enjoy. 

Hosted Groups

Traveling with a hosted group with The Travel Zone is a one of kind experience that will allow you to experience destinations up close and personal with the comfort of having some familiar faces.  The details will all be taken care of for you since I will be traveling with you, but plenty of free time will still be allowed. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of trip locations and dates. 

Group at The Bob Marley Museum, Kingston, Jamaica