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6 Myths About Using a Travel Specialist

1. No one uses Travel Agents/Specialists Anymore.

~ Travel agents still sell 51% of all airline tickets, 87% of all cruises, 81% of all tours and packages, 45% of all car rentals and about 47% of all hotels.*

2. It is expensive to use a Travel Specialist

~ While some Specialists do charge fees, not all do. Specialists are paid commissions from Travel Brands when you book with them. Always ask upfront before you start working with them if they charge a fee.

3. I Can Easily Book the Same Trip on My Own Without Using a Travel Specialist.

~Yes, you probably can, but when you have a problem and you try to call “" is anyone going to answer the phone without putting you on hold, probably not. When you book that trip through The Travel Zone or any other Travel Specialist, and you have an issue you can call us and someone is going to answer and work on resolving the issue right away! Travel Specialist also have access to exclusive pricing and package deals that are most times not available to the public. Your travel specialist also has more leverage in helping out in situations such as hotels claiming to be booked, when in fact they may still have rooms available. So when everyone else is telling you “No” your travel specialist can help turn that a “Yes.” They also often times can get you extra amenities or perks due to their relationships with important contacts throughout the industry.

6 Myths About Using a Travel Specialist

4. Travel Specialists are a Waste of Time.

~Although you can find much of the same information that the travel specialist provides for you on your own, you are going to spend a lot of valuable time doing so. A travel specialist can actually save you from hours of painful research and price comparison shopping. They have up to date prices, hotel conditions, and interesting new activities. They often times put together custom itineraries that take a lot of planning and cannot be found online. Their prior knowledge and experience gives them the upper hand in trip planning.

5. Travel Specialists Have Been Replaced by the Internet

~There are some things technology cannot replicate or replace, and a personal touch is one

of them. The Internet is a valuable resource, but it cannot replace the expertise, guidance and personal service of a travel specialist. Travel Specialists pride themselves on getting to know their clients and matching the perfect vacation to them. At a time when travelers are stressed out with hectic schedules, travel specialists have all of the information at their fingertips, saving valuable hours of researching online. Specialists can also offer insider tips, generally based on personal experience.

6. Travel Specialists are Trying to Cheat Me if They Don’t Quote Me the Cheapest Price. ~Travel specialists like myself know the ins and outs of different itineraries. While you might find one that is a little bit cheaper, that cheaper itinerary might involve a whole slew of headaches. For example, longer waits at the airport, not enough time to clear customs and odd travel times. A travel specialist will be looking to get you the best value for your money spent which should include the most direct and time friendly itinerary they can find.

Have more questions about using a Travel Specialist or want to start planning your next vacation?

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*Source: American Society of Travel Agents

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