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16 Tips for Having the Honeymoon of Your Dreams

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The Travel Zone is the expert at making sure your honeymoon is the trip of your lifetime! Here are a few tips to ensure your honeymoon experience is romantic, memorable, and most importantly stress-free!

1. Start planning early (9-12 months in advance) and enlist the help of The Travel Zone as your Travel Specialist.

2. Set a realistic budget. With the the hustle and bustle of wedding planning you do not want to lose sight of your dream honeymoon. The Travel Zone generally offers deposit plans so you can book your trip, and not owe the full amount until 6-8 weeks before you travel. (Some exceptions do apply)

3. Make sure to include your fiancé! Sit down and discuss both of your ideas of the perfect honeymoon, so you both get what you want!

4. Sit down with you travel specialist at The Travel Zone to plan a unique honeymoon that fits your specific tastes and personality, not something that your friends recommended or and itinerary you saw online

5. Do NOT permit your relatives to plan your honeymoon. The wedding may be for every one else to enjoy, but this is truly your trip to enjoy, so you need to plan it!

6. Your honeymoon is the only vacation you will be asked about the rest of your life, lets make your dream come true! With proper planning, you an make it happen.

7. Book your honeymoon in your maiden name - Your documents must match your passport and chances are if you travel right after the wedding, you will not have time to renew it.

8. Balance adventure with relaxation. At least part of the trip should have no pre made plans. Weddings are exhausting and you will need to recover.

9. Be conscious of how much time you have. If you have a limited amount of time its best not to fly clear around the world, or to cram as many countries as possible into your allotted time, Amazing Race style, or you will literally spend your whole vacation traveling.

10. Disconnect from social media, and really take the time to enjoy one another, as a new married couple!

11. Plan surprises for each other: a romantic dinner on the beach, swim-out suite, limo transfer, couples massage, deep sea fishing excursion, you name it!

12. Before your trip, scan and email yourself a copy of your passport and itinerary incase you lose it. It is also a good idea to leave a copy at home with an emergency contact.

13. Be ready to go to a fancy restaurant. Most resorts have upscale restaurants that require nice attire

14. Purchase travel insurance to cover health issues, cancellations, lost luggage, etc.

15. Set up a honeymoon registry, your guests can help send you on your dream getaway instead of traditional gifts.

16. Traveling more than most things in life doesn’t always go as plan, if you can be flexible and go with flow, you will have a much more enjoyable time!

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